• 20 years old… ready to party !

    Today, 20 years ago … On April 26, 2001, Mr Bontoux confirmed his passion for wine by acquiring these vines and this cellar in the heart of the Graves … Happy birthday to all those who have worked and still strive for the excellence of Château Tourteau Chollet wines. More informations here

  • Malbec to adapt to climate change

    Named Auxerrois in Cahors, Malbec in Bordeaux, it is also known as Côt, Pied de Partridge or Pressac. Originally from Quercy, he is the descendant of Prunelard and Magdeleine Noir des Charentes. It develops in the Bordelais from the seventeenth century. In the southern hemisphere, Malbec is the emblematic grape variety of Argentina. It is
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    The vine is waking up after its well-deserved winter rest. We have had an almost summer weather for the last few weeks, and now we are really close to « budburst » : the period during which the buds will come out of their protective scales, giving rise to flowers and then to grapes. The
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