• 20 years old… ready to party !

    Today, 20 years ago … On April 26, 2001, Mr Bontoux confirmed his passion for wine by acquiring these vines and this cellar in the heart of the Graves … Happy birthday to all those who have worked and still strive for the excellence of Château Tourteau Chollet wines. More informations here

  • How do bees feed in the vines?

    It’s all about flowers! Depending on its age and its role in the colony, a bee feeds on pollen, nectar, honeydew, or royal jelly (queen). Some additional information here However, the geographical situation of Tourteau Chollet, surrounded by woods, gives our vines the opportunity to be near flowers widely appreciated by bees: the acacia and
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  • How can we manage the vineyard in a sustainable way ?

    Managing the vineyard is a long-term commitment. The plots we are working on today are those that were planted by our grandparents. And the ones we plant today will be grown by our grandchildren. For Maxime Bontoux, the owner of our 3 vineyards, the management of the plots is an essential part of the sustainability
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